Sunday, June 30, 2019

How to get PR for Canada?

Getting a PR visa to Canada is a rather easy procedure if you get the right set of skills and qualification. Right now, Canada is focusing on skilled immigration and thus, for those wondering how to get PR for Canada; it is worth keeping in mind that the following credentials will get you closer to your dream:

·         Age being between 18-45 years

·         Qualification being at least graduation

·         Work experience at least 1 year in a skilled job, which is in demand in Canada

·         Language skills being at least CLB 7

The above-mentioned 4 credentials are very essential if you wan to immigrate to Canada on a skilled program. There are however other factors too that can give you extra scores and boost your chances of immigration. These factors are:

·         Spouse language skills and educational background
·         Sibling living in Canada
·         Getting nomination from any province of Canada
·         Having a Job offer from Canada
·         Past education from Canada
·         Past work experience in Canada

How to get PR for Canada via Skilled immigration

Immigrating to Canada via skilled visas requires you have the above-mentioned credentials. It is because after all Canada immigration framework is a point-based framework that ultimately invites skilled people according to scores.

The point score varies as per the proficiency of an individual. For example, someone who is aged 21 is going to get more score in age factor than to someone who is 42. Similarly, someone who has 7 years of work experience will get more scores than someone who has 3 years of experience. The country from pool of the applicants then picks the high-ranking candidates.

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