Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Quebec Immigration System for Skilled Workers

As over the years the numbers of immigrants are rising in Canada, Government has arrangements for all of them. There are various ways a migrant can apply for permanent residence in that country.

There are five valid ways an immigrant can submit their application to be a permanent Canadian residents. One of the processes involves the Quebec Immigration System that Canada immigration consultants often suggest the applicant opt for that.
Condition for Skilled Worker Program

One of the most popular ways to apply for the permanent residence is the Express Entry pool where one is ranked on the basis of the score from the CRS Points Calculator. Quebec Immigration System is becoming another popular method.

Quebec is a Canadian province that has an autonomous power over the immigration system in its area. It is not even aligned with the express entry pool.

It has a specific program for the Skilled Worker Program. Here the selection is totally based on the selection grid which awards points. So this involves various factors for selection and criteria. The thorough assessment will show your eligibility as an applicant.

The authority of the Quebec Immigration System has designed the factors with an objective to assess your professional and social; profile. It is applicable for your spouse, too. Here the Selection Factors are given below to get a better knowledge-

First, level of education and area of training plays a key role here. Before submitting the application the diploma you gained is applicable in the category of Education Level Criterion.

Second, your valid and full-time work experience is also a category that will score your eligibility to justify your application.

Third, if you have a relative or spouse or common-law partner who is a permanent resident of Quebec, can be the sponsor of your nomination. If that person’s request for sponsorship gets accepted then the probability of your application getting accepted gets high.

Fourth, as Bilingual country Canada has English and French as its official language. So a language test where you have to prove your proficiency in any of these languages will play a great role in fetch you a good score.

Apart from that, there are few factors involved for an applicant to know. It’s better if you can contact Canada immigration consultants for that.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

How much CRS score is required for Canada immigration?

Canada accepts maximum immigration in the world. One crucial way of getting immigration is Canada's express entry. But, for that, you need a strong CRS score. Unless and until you achieve that, your application will not get approval. For better guidance, make sure to hire an authorized immigration consultant for Canada.

What is the CRS score requirement in the current year?

The demand or the requirements of the CRS score for getting the immigration changes each year. The average CRS score that you need to have is 450 CRS. However, according to the reports, in the year 2018, the candidates with 430 CRS score got the selection for the migration. It is the lowest CRS score requirement till the date.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to set your CRS score goal based on the lowest requirements, it can be a task of foolishness. It is not impossible that in the current year, the score can goal can increase. It can also be fixed based on the average CRS score, i.e 450 CRS points.

However, do not get panic if your score does not reach up to the average number. Every year, Canada's authority lowers the cutoff of the CRS Points. Nevertheless, try to keep your points between 435 and 440 CRS. 

Tips to improve the CRS score

There are several tricks that you can follow to improve your CRS points, among them the best and the actionable ones are enlisting below:

Improve your language capability

The easiest and beneficial way of increasing the CRS score is by working on your language ability. You may not know but 260 CRS point among the total score depends on your language test. If you master the two official languages of Canada, French, and English, your CRS score will rise dramatically.


Another fascinating way of improving the CRS point is having more educational degrees and certificates. If you have more degrees, you can get extra CRS points. Make sure to check your score on CRS Points Calculator before submission.

The main reason for choosing Canada to migrate is because of its developing attribute. The country has every means of success. You can sketch a bright future in Canada whether in education or for job purposes.

Friday, February 21, 2020

What are the duties of an immigration consultant in India?

In the matter of immigrating to another country, various steps are required to be followed to gain acceptance. It is the job of an immigration consultant in India to assist the applicant in every step of the way.
Staying informed about the immigration laws

The immigration consultants need to be aware of all the laws of immigration to properly explain them to the client. Along with that, they need to stay alert about any changes in the laws as well.

Meeting the clients

One of the main features of immigration consultants all over the world is the fact that they are the convergence point for the applicants and the board.  Of all the people applying for immigration, it is not easy to meet all of them and figuring out if they are legit or not. In situations such as this, the immigration consultants in Nehru Place do the function of assessing the individuals.

Helping clients with paperwork

Immigrating to another country involves a lot of paperwork like identity proof, education qualifications, age proof, police certification, doctor’s certificate, among others. Immigration the consultant helps the applicant sort through all that is necessary and helps in explaining the guidelines to them.

Correcting the documents for any discrepancies

Before submitting all the documents to the board for the application to be approved, the immigration consultants help in examining them.  It is essential to make sure that the documents are in the right order and are all accounted for-if not, the application can get rejected. The immigration consultants are also helpful in verifying the documents to see if they are valid and eligible.

Meeting the deadline

It is important to submit all the papers and proofs in a timely manner to the application portal for systematic and hassle-free approval. The immigration consultants in Nehru Place help to manage the applicants and their submissions.

Issues with pets

Sometimes, the people who are moving to another country are doing so with their entire family, which includes their pets. There are certain exceptional rules for these situations and these consultants help in making sure they are followed in a safe way. They also make sure that all the medical checkups that need to be administered have been on time.

To summarize, immigration consultants help the applicants tremendously in every requirement. They have certain responsibilities that they need to fulfill.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

The first information CRS Points Calculator

CRS score is needed for the permanent resident card of Canada. More CRS you can earn faster you can get approved. It's very important to calculate CRS and plan your score. CRS calculator helps you to know your score by filling some information that is required such as,

The first information CRS Points Calculator requires is age. Age is essential because you need to be 18 at least to apply for PR. The ideal stage for earning points is 18-35 years. CRS point decreases simultaneously with growing age. After the age of 47, no points can be earned.

After age, you will need to submit your highest education again which is very important. Without graduation, you can't apply for PR. More CRS points can be earned if you have study experience in Canada, degrees, diplomas. Here is an example of how many points you can my educational qualification, Doctorate-25 points, Master's or professional degree-23, Three years or longer post-secondary degree-22, A one-year post-secondary diploma-15, School educational credential -5.

Language is another mandatory field to earn a score. English and French is the official language of Canada, Those who are looking for PR needs to know these 2 languages. The score depends on your hold over speaking, writing, listening and reading of English and French language. More fluent you are in these languages more score you can earn. The benchmark of 7 is required to score well.

Your work experience can give you an extra score if you have experience inside Canada. However, experience outside Canada still counts. It's good to have more than 5 years of experience to earn some good score. If you have a skilled job offer from a Canadian employer then you can earn an extra score. A minimum of 9 points to a maximum of 15 points can be earned.

The next information which comes in CRS Points Calculator is the provincial nominee program. If you can get nominated by the territory you are planning to stay, you can get a nomination certificate. You can earn 600 scores with the PNP program.

Next comes the calculator marriage status. Having a spouse can give you a decent amount of score if the spouse's education, language ability, and Canadian work experience are the same as yours.

Having a sibling in Canada can improve your score. In 2017 the rule was established regarding siblings, since then a lot of people is benefited by this rule. Mainly those applicants who are not good in English or French or those who don't belong to the ideal age category. 15 extra points are given if a sibling is living in Canada but sibling needs to be 18 years old otherwise it will not count.

Finally, you can calculate your score in CRS Points Calculator, you can find one online. The required points for PR application are 67 out of 100.


Education, work experience, language, age, provincial nominee program, much other information is converted into the score by CRS Points Calculator and if the score reaches 67 out of 100 then you can apply for the PR.

If you are not yet reached 67 and you need to reach it fast then you can contact Immigration Consultants in Delhi, they can guide you to get the score easily with the help of their ICCRC-CRCIC consultants.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Some of the things you need to know before immigrating to Canada from India

Canada is very popular and well-known for immigration. Many people from different countries immigrate to Canada every year. Among all the other countries, India is on the 2nd following China on immigration to Canada. Thousands of Indians are immigrating to Canada every year and the numbers are increasing.
The number of Immigration consultants in Delhi is also increasing every year. If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada, there are some things that you need to know before starting the process.


In India tipping is an option, most people do not tip after paying the bill in a restaurant or other places. In Canada, you will need to pay a tip after having a good meal or in a cab. They also give the tip with a thank you in their mouth, you might need time to get along with it.

Driving License

Another thing that only you can know from the best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada. While immigrating from some of the countries such as France, Australia, Korea, the United States, getting the driving license is just an exchange.

Because these countries have reciprocal agreements. But when you are immigrating from India, you need to check the licensing equivalency depending on which province you are moving to. You might need to bring some documents and provide written confirmation.


By dressing do not think of styling, in Canada, the seasons are quite different from other places in the world. Temperature can go down up to -40 degrees in the winter and in summer it can go up 40 degrees. So, you will need to dress properly to keep yourself safe from this extreme weather.

Immigration consultant in Delhi will not tell you while immigrating to Canada, but if you are bringing any winter jacket from India to Canada. It will be useless in Canada, so you will have to buy winter wear after stepping in Canada.

Professional Career

Resuming a professional career in a completely different country is not easy. You might face a lot of problems having your credentials recognized. Immigration consultants in Delhi might say that you do not need to bring all the documents in Canada. But, do not listen to them and bring all of your documents that can help you resume your career.

Make as many contacts as you can to get your professional life on the same track as before. And while immigrating bring money with you to spend some months because it might take time to get settled in Canada.

Costly lifestyle

You will face another major problem while immigrating to Canada from India. If you are immigrating with the help of the best immigrating consultants in Delhi for Canada, then they will tell you about this. Living in Canada is far more expensive from shopping to renting a house.

Everything is far more expensive compared to India. So, you might need to make your mental preparation before immigration. Otherwise, you will end up buying nothing in the fear of paying more.


Mobile phone plans are far different in Canada compared to India. You will need to purchase mobile plans with contracts. So, you will need to make a habit of connecting to public wifi to avoid using more data than your plan.


If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada, then knowing these points are very important. It will help you to get ready for staying in Canada.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Key things to keep in mind to become a successful immigration consultant

Every field is now growing as a career option, an immigration consultant is also not very far behind. The number of immigration consultant in India is increasing every month, there are a lot of courses available to make this process smooth.
The main work of an immigration consultant is to help individuals who are immigrating to another country. As immigration is a very complex process, you need to be very careful to immigrate clients successfully. Some of the things are very important to keep in mind if you dream to become a successful immigration consultant.

Communication Skills

When it comes to immigration, communication is very important. You need to communicate all over the process with both the client and officials of the country. There are many Canada immigration consultants in Delhi but all of them do not become successful. One of the main reasons behind a failed immigration consultant is communication. 

When a client is coming to you because they are unable to do the process you will need to give them assurance, mental and emotional support. Communication will help you to connect with them and gain their trust. Apart from communicating with them, you might need to help the customers with languages such as French, English. So get ready to hone these languages to help them anytime.


After your education, you might need to work solo or a consultancy. A consultancy may hire you as a full-time immigration consultant. You will need to be ready to be a team player. When it comes to working alone you do not need to think a lot of things or thinking before making decisions.

But when you are working as a team member, you will need to be energetic, motivated and able to finish your part correctly to help another team member. The teamwork is a chain system, your work might affect another team member, so you will need to do your part right.

You might learn many things from the training but you will need to understand the importance of teamwork on your own. Immigration consultant in India is very well-known for their teamwork and coordination.

Extra services

You will need to do some extra services than the others to be successful as an immigration consultant. You will need to understand the clients and their problems to help them properly, and by providing some extra service you can make your place in this field. Canada immigration consultants in Delhi provide limited services to their clients.

Some extra services will help you to keep yourself separate from them. You can help them settle in Canada or any other countries by explaining the law, you can help them to settle in a good and matching area, or advise them regarding the immigration.

Make you name

In this field, you need to make your name to be successful. Clients choose their immigration consultants very carefully because of all the fraudulent and scams. You will need to make your goodwill and reputation to be recommended by the previous client. This step is very important for the immigration consultant in India, it will help you to get more clients in the initial stage.


You will need to keep these things in your mind to become a successful immigration consultant if you are choosing it as a career. 

Monday, February 17, 2020

4 Things to Inquire From Your Immigration Consultant

Canada approves higher numbers of immigration in the world. Every year around hundreds of Indian citizens apply for getting the immigration. Canada is a developing nation and people find a lot of scope in education and career-making. Only the bestCanada immigration consultants can help you out to immigrate in Canada.
Let’s check out the queries to ask from the immigration agents –

1.      Check their registration

Due to the excessive requirements of immigration, a lot of fraud agencies are rising. If somehow you contact with a non-registered agency, the chances of getting cheated are higher. The first thing to note before applying for your immigration from a specific agent is if he is genuine. To judge their originality, make sure to ask about their registration.

2.      Enquire about their landing service

The second most important thing to inquire from your immigration agent is about their after arriving service. Many of the agents will promise you to deliver the full facility. But, in major cases, they do not keep their promise. However, if you seek assistance from a certified immigration consult in India. You can get several after-landing services. Ask your agent if they will accommodate you with job assistance, airport drop and lodging facility.

3.      Query about the refund of money

It is the most common cheat case that often people come across while applying for migration. At first, the immigration agencies promise you to refund your full money if your application receives a rejection. But, in reality, it happens rarely. Most of the time, they do not take the responsibility of checking the approval of your application. Ask them at least if they are aware of the procedure of refunding the amount.

4.      Ask them if they are available for you 24/7

While choosing an agent to assist you in Canada migration, you must ask him about his availability for you. In some situations, you might need his help anytime regarding migration. But, if they are not available at that vital moment, you might get into trouble. Nevertheless, the best Canada immigration consultants stretch their helping hand at any time of the day.  
When you ask these question, do not just melt by their words, Try to find out the truth of their answer. 

Friday, February 14, 2020

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Immigration to Canada Successful

Immigrating to a new country can be quite difficult. For that, you would have to go through many legal steps to successfully apply for immigration and get approved. Therefore, as you can already guess, it can take several months, sometimes years, to complete the whole procedure.

However, if you do opt for the Canada immigration consultants in Delhi and know about the available immigrating options, then you can avoid all the hardships. Here are some of those alternatives that can help you to immigrate to Canada successfully.

  1. Express Entry Program
Express Entry Program, also known as EEP, is a type of immigration program that can enable you to both live and work in Canada successfully. It is one of the newest immigration systems, which ranks the people according to their education, language abilities, education, age, etc, and selects only the best among them. Aside from helping you to successfully immigrate to Canada, Express Entry Program can also allow your family to move with you too.

Express Entry is known to have the fastest processing times. So, your application would be processed within three to four months. However, if you want to minimize the period even more, then you can also opt for an immigration consultant in India. Aside from helping you with filling up forms, they can also assist you with many other things to smoothen the whole immigration procedure.

  1. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
AIP, or Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, was first launched in the year of 2017 to bring more workers in the Atlantic Region of Canada. This program lets the organizations of this region hire more and more employees from the outside of the country.

So, if you are thinking about moving to Canada for work purposes, then you can also opt for this program. However, to successfully complete your immigration through this procedure, you would have to go through a few legal procedures. So, to get some help with this issue, you can opt for the Canada immigration consultants in Delhi.

  1. Family Class Sponsorship
If you have any of your family members living in the country of Canada, then they can sponsor you to come and live with them. However, to help you to immigrate to Canada successfully, your family member will have to be a certified Canadian citizen. Also, the people that a person can sponsor are their wife or someone who is under the age of 22.

However, you cannot sponsor your parents and grandparents with this program anymore. Nevertheless, you can opt for the Super Visa Category program to bring them to Canada.

  1. Study Purposes
Canada is considered to be one of the best destinations in the world due to the great schools and universities the country houses. So, if you want to immigrate to Canada for study purposes, then you can do that too without any issues.

After your study has ended, you can also apply for permanent immigration in Canada. Due to this reason, many people also opt for studying in Canada before starting their immigration journey.

So, if you want to go to Canada for study purposes, then you can also opt for an immigration consultant in India. He can help you to do all the necessary steps for completing the procedure successfully.

So, these are some of the methods that you can opt for if you want to immigrate to Canada in a time-efficient way.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

What Factors can help you increase your CRS Score?

The major thing that acts as a deciding factor towards availing your Canada PR could be your CRS score. You can check your current CRS score with online CRS points calculator. Moreover, it is necessary to get at least 67 points to be eligible to apply for the Express Entry Program. However, you need not worry even if your score is below that. There are several factors that can help you improve your CRS score. However, it is always advisable to take the help of one of the best Canada immigration consultants to guide you on the same. Here are some of the factors that can help you increase your CRS Score without much hard work.
  • Get yourself a Canada Based Job: If you can fetch yourself an authorized job by a Canadian Employer, it will automatically add a few points to your overall CRS score. It is highly recommended to take the help of regulated immigration consultants before narrowing down your job to negate out fraudulent practices.
  • Apply under Provincial Nominee Programs: The federal government of Canada allows various provinces to nominate immigrants based on their skills requirements. You can try to apply under the Alberta PNP. It will fetch you a whopping 50 points into your CRS score. However, the final decision always lies in the hands of the federal agencies.
  • Learn French: French is the second official language of Canada. If you can work on your French skills and clear the qualification exam, it will grant you a few more extra points and also help you a lot to bag in a well-paying job while you are in Canada.
  • Gain more work experience: More the work experience you have, a better CRS score you can avail under the skills transferability category. Stick to your job until your immigration is approved to improve your CRS score until the very last moment.
Above mentioned are just a few of many factors that can help you attain a better CRS score. You can always connect with the best Canada immigration consultants to help you with a better understanding.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Inspire your wanderlust – 5 Wonders to discover in Canada

If you fly to Canada, there is so much to explore. In reality, you might have to travel more than once to witness all the magic and beauty that Canada provides. There are almost infinite reasons to explore the world. Luckily, we have mentioned you on your next journey the top five wonders of the Great White North. Packed up? Get your Canada PR now!
Top 5 Wonder to discover in Canada
  • Mesmerizing lakes - Days in complete awe can be spent easily at the huge crystal-clear lakes found throughout the country. One of the explanations is that only 31,752 of them to be accurate.
  • The largest coastline in the world – The maple leaf country features some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Visit the world's largest coastline for some thrilling explorations of the region.
  • 10% of the world’s forests - Canada has more than 10 percent of the world's forests, rather than just the largest reservoirs in the world. The forestland of Canada is linked to the eye with evergreen trees. When you visit Canada, make sure to explore the woods – it’s not short of stepping into a fairy tale.
  • Free national parks - Happy families! In 2018, national parks have become open for children under the age of 18. It ensures that you can visit the beautiful Banff National Park, the Jasper National Park, and more than a few communities without having to make a dent on your budget.
Canada is huge!
Believe it or not, but Canada is larger than the EU as a whole! When you agree that Europe is a worth visiting place, try Canada once. Enjoy your holiday in the second-largest country in the world, instead of jumping between continents. The likely scale of Canada makes it an interesting tourist destination with promising countless travel opportunities.

Seeking to explore your wanderlust in Canada? Get in touch with immigration consultants for Canada now!

Get in touch with the best Canada immigration consultants in india Delhi

Looking for a good Best Canada immigration consultants in India Delhi? Well end your search here! The procedure of settling down to a new place can be very demanding and it takes a good expert to make this procedure smooth and hassle free for you.

Hiring the best immigration consultants in Delhi isn't a simple thing particularly in a country where there are a ton of experts claiming them superior over their competitors. Getting an expert immigration consultant will provide many benefits to you and your application. For example:

Saving your time and money: any good consultancy will accelerate the visa procedure since they have past experience in dealing with different applications. They also help you save your cash since they know the right kind of visa you have to apply to.

They manage you through the procedure in an efficient manner: a good expert knows the procedural demands for a successful visa approval. Any good immigration consultants in Delhi like TCWW will make the entire procedure simple and smooth for you.

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The advantage of choosing us over other consultancies is that you will have a case officer to look into your case and communicate with you 24x7. Our team here has proper understanding of Australian PR visa and can find ways to satisfy your complex criteria as per the visa requirement. Also, we can help you in post-landing services in Australia as well such as accommodation, SIN card and bank account arrangement, etc.

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