Thursday, November 14, 2019

Why does Express Entry Canada from India receive high number of applicants?

Were you planning to move to Canada? Despite the Trump government's stern anti-immigration stance in the United States, Indians are finding jobs and relocation options in Canada. In fact, the Times of India, which reportedly served as a point selection system for Canadian migration, received 39,600 Indians permanent residence in Canada in 2018 under the Express Entry Canada from India. This is over 50% of the 26,300 Indians who obtained citizenship in 2017.

Why is the Express Entry program preferred by most Indians?

In a recent Express Entry year-end report, immigration, refugees and Citizenship Canada, the immigration department of Canada, says, “The highest citizenship countries based on persons admitted to Canada generally mirror the invited candidates. Almost half of all the candidates who acquired a Canada PR in 2018 was Indian nationals.”

According to the weekly, by way of its express access system, Canada welcomed 92,231 new people for permanent entrance in 2018, up 41% year-on-year. The Indians numbered 43%, led by Nigeria and China. In The United States, permanent residence is like a green card.

It is likely that moving to Canada is easier for Indians with a scientific, technological, technical, engineering or mathematical background, since the country has recently established a permanent global talent stream (GTS). GTS allows employers funding requests to be reviewed within two weeks. In turn, job seekers recruiting under the GTS path gain valuable working experience in Canada, offering them a new edge in qualifying for permanent residency under the Express Entry Path. The 2019 budget for Canada stated that Canadian businesses had agreed to create 40,000 new jobs for permanent residents through the GTS initiative. Find out more about the latest updates on the jobs featured in the current NOC list, with the help of a Canada PR Consultant.

The latest Express Entry draw

Draws for express entry are regularly held. The previous round took place on 13 November 2019, when 3,360 aspiring candidates were invited to apply for Canadian permanent residency. The Government of Canada notes that 75 million of the national population includes refugees, and nearly six of every ten applicants were chosen for their "beneficial impact." The State has established a three-year ambitious plan, which aims to increase immigration between 3.30 lakh in 2019 and 2021 to 3.50 lakh. This might be your opportunity to go through the Canada PR process, to overcome your dream of relocating to the maple leaf country. 

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