Monday, February 17, 2020

4 Things to Inquire From Your Immigration Consultant

Canada approves higher numbers of immigration in the world. Every year around hundreds of Indian citizens apply for getting the immigration. Canada is a developing nation and people find a lot of scope in education and career-making. Only the bestCanada immigration consultants can help you out to immigrate in Canada.
Let’s check out the queries to ask from the immigration agents –

1.      Check their registration

Due to the excessive requirements of immigration, a lot of fraud agencies are rising. If somehow you contact with a non-registered agency, the chances of getting cheated are higher. The first thing to note before applying for your immigration from a specific agent is if he is genuine. To judge their originality, make sure to ask about their registration.

2.      Enquire about their landing service

The second most important thing to inquire from your immigration agent is about their after arriving service. Many of the agents will promise you to deliver the full facility. But, in major cases, they do not keep their promise. However, if you seek assistance from a certified immigration consult in India. You can get several after-landing services. Ask your agent if they will accommodate you with job assistance, airport drop and lodging facility.

3.      Query about the refund of money

It is the most common cheat case that often people come across while applying for migration. At first, the immigration agencies promise you to refund your full money if your application receives a rejection. But, in reality, it happens rarely. Most of the time, they do not take the responsibility of checking the approval of your application. Ask them at least if they are aware of the procedure of refunding the amount.

4.      Ask them if they are available for you 24/7

While choosing an agent to assist you in Canada migration, you must ask him about his availability for you. In some situations, you might need his help anytime regarding migration. But, if they are not available at that vital moment, you might get into trouble. Nevertheless, the best Canada immigration consultants stretch their helping hand at any time of the day.  
When you ask these question, do not just melt by their words, Try to find out the truth of their answer. 


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